Michelle Obama, before meeting Pope Benedict XVI, and after


Michelle Obama, before meeting Pope Benedict XVI and after

obamas out

I know, her entourage is in the after shot, but I’m particularly interested in Michelle; while I don’t pay close attention, I was curious whether she would dress appropriately for a Vatican visit and she did.

It wasn’t clear to me in the initial photos that she was wearing a jacket and dress but I thought something looked a little off.  It looks better without the jacket.

I don’t like the bow.  At all.


After further consideration, perhaps she took Mantilla the Hon as her role model but couldn’t find the big comb to elevate the mantilla?



More likely than that? A photo of Jackie Kennedy with Pope John XXIII. It appears that her veil goes below her waist. I still think shoulder-length would have been fine.

Jackie K J23


3 Responses to Michelle Obama, before meeting Pope Benedict XVI, and after

  1. thefrenchchick says:

    So, out of curiosity, what is appropriate attire for a Vatican visit? I thought the veil was a bit much. Could she have worn a color other than black? It looked like she was attending a funeral, in 1953. I do appreciate the fact that she wasn’t wearing a mini skirt or a bold print dress.

  2. Nan says:

    A Vatican visit is different than a private audience with the pope; for the Vatican, wearing modest clothing would be enough. I believe that Catholic Queens wear white with white veil, and that others wear black with black veil.

    The Pontifical North American College has advice for visitors for general audiences.

    I can’t find anything authoritative on dress for private or semi-private audience, but for heads of state, Catholic Queens wear white including white veil and women who are heads of state or are married to heads of state wear black including black veil. I’d not have chosen such a long veil if it was up to me.

  3. thefrenchchick says:

    Thanks for the clarification and the link.

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