In Lourdes this Month

Philip JohnsonPhilip Gerard Johnson with Knight Templar on Good Friday

Seminarian Philip Gerard Johnson of In Caritate Non Ficta is in Lourdes for the next month as a day pilgrim guide and will be blogging about his experiences. While he’s be helping others who seek God’s grace and miracles, this seminarian could use your prayers. He has an inoperable brain tumor, which hasn’t changed in the last two months.

What we need here is a miracle, through the intercession of Father Thomas Frederick Price, North Carolina’s first native-born priest. All I want is for the tumor to disappear completely and for Philip to be restored to good health, so he may live a long, grace-filled life as a priest.


In addition to Philip being a North Carolinian as well, Philip’s family has a personal connection to Father Price. Read more here, on BloggingMERCY.


2 Responses to In Lourdes this Month

  1. thanks for the kind post!

  2. Nan says:

    You’re welcome! I enjoyed your February pilgrimage and am looking forward to reading more of your Lourdes posts.

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