Mr. and Mrs. Cutie-Pie

The Cutie PiesMr and Mrs. Cutie-Pie

They did it! The former Fr. Cutie-Pie and his beach babe tied the knot in front of a judge, continuing in their poor judgment.

If there was any question in Mr. Cutie Pie’s mind of whether he wanted to continue as a priest, he should’ve gone through proper channels and say, spoken with his Bishop about his disinterest in a celibate life, interest in leaving the true Church to join our separated brethren, and/or his interest in a particular woman. But he didn’t, instead, choosing to bring scandal upon himself and upon the church in the way he left. It shows that he thinks he is the ultimate authority and that his promise to obey the Bishop’s authority was empty.

If his promises to God and his Bishop meant nothing, what chance does he have as an Episcopal “priest”? Or as a husband? He has already proven that he doesn’t give a rat’s ass about protocol and going through the proper channels but is only in favor of doing that which benefits him, especially if he gets lots of attention.

Will he be true to his new church? Will he make it through whatever hoops he has to jump in order to become an Episcopal “priest”? Will he be faithful to his wife?

The Episcopalians knew he was self-focused and narcissistic when they took him. If he becomes a behavior problem for them, it will be no huge surprise.  Fidelity to his wife is important, but again, since it’s common knowledge that Latin Catholic priests are celibate, it shouldn’t be a huge surprise if he isn’t faithful. After all, he has already been unfaithful to the Church.

It’ll be interesting to see why he’s in the news next.


One Response to Mr. and Mrs. Cutie-Pie

  1. Susie says:

    Yick. What an ugly chinless woman. The least he could have done us was leave for a young pretty fertile thing, but instead he left for a saggy breasted chinless divorce with a retarded son.

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