Mary was NOT GOD!

Q. That is not biblically true because mary was not “God” in a way but Jesus was,

A. I totally agree.

Q. So, we should not even mention her in the same way as Jesus or God

A. We don’t. Why do you think we do, I wonder?

Q. She was only human,

A. Absolutely, she was a human. There is nothing in Catholic theology that says Mary was anything other than human.

Q. Her only duty was to not even conceive Christ but just be an incubator for him

A. That is interesting that you contend she did not conceive. Where in scripture does it say that? On this, I have to disagree with you. Jesus took his human nature from Mary. So his divine nature was joined to the seed of Mary and He took flesh from her. This is Catholic theology. Mary was NOT just an incubator

Q. So, Jesus was supposed to be born just like any child on earth for us to believe by faith.

A. Well, I would not say that. Angels announced to the shepherds that Jesus was born. The magi came from the East to worship Him. When he was taken to the temple two faithful people rejoiced to see Him and prophesied about Him. He was not exactly born just like any other child on earth…He was born of Mary, but the circumstances of His birth were extra ordinary.

Q. So mary is nothing but just a demonic spirit from hell spread by the catholic church trying to take away God’s glory and making it hers thank you.

A. When you say Mary is a demonic spirit from hell you lose all credibility. We may disagree about some of our Catholic beliefs about Mary but 99% of Protestants would find your comments just as ugly and blasphemous as Catholic do. As Archbishop Fulton Sheen said, “Coldness towards Mary is a consequence of indifference to Christ.”

Q. Lastly give me a verse in the bible that simply says we should not only worship her but also pay her respects.

A. We do NOT worship Mary. You have been taught by people who do not know they have been lied to, that we worship Mary, but we don’t worship her. That would be heresy…to worship Mary. We HONOR Mary in imitation of Christ who obeyed the command to honor His mother.

Q. She does not represent God or Jesus,

A. No, Mary is the Mother of God. She is a creature just like us.
Q. Even Jesus calls her “woman” not Mother or some thing that will simply say to us that she had that significant role in his adult life.

A. Calling her “woman” was a great sign of respect in his culture. Surely you are not suggesting that Jesus broke the command to honor His mother. Remember they were living in a culture 2000 years ago in a land and culture far different than ours. Calling her woman did not mean anything disrespectful but could also mean “bride”. And it was also a reference to the promised redemption from:

Gen. 3:15 And I will put enmity
between you and the woman,
and between your offspring and hers;
he will crush your head,
and you will strike his heel.”

and Rev. 12. Mary is the woman who gave birth to the male child and

Rev 12:17 Then the dragon was enraged at the woman and went off to make war against the rest of her offspring—those who obey God’s commandments and hold to the testimony of Jesus.

So, addressing Mary as “woman” in the Gospel hearkens back to Genesis 3 He knows it will also hearken to Revelation 12 in the future. Woman was an honorable title. It was not derogatory or dismissive.


One Response to Mary was NOT GOD!

  1. William says:

    Amazing how stubbornly people believe that we worship Mary. And to call her a demonic spirit, well that’s a huge leap in logic. It offends me as both a philosopher and a theologian.

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