The Future Mrs. Cutie-Pie


You need to think about a few things. I’ve read that you may have been in cahoots with the photographer who publicized your affair, in order to force his hand so he’d have to choose between you and the church.

If true, why would you do that?

Yeah, he might be good looking but before you met him, he was committed to God. Or was supposed to be committed to God. Do you have no respect for that? Yes, I understand that you’re divorced and understand that you have joined Mr. Cutie-Pie in the Episcopalian church so you are free to marry one another in the eyes of that church.

Because you joined the other church, I assume that you started out as a Catholic, but due to divorce may have separated yourself from the church; based on your public activities it’s clear that by now you have separated yourself from the Church, first with your affair with Mr. Cutie-Pie, then by joining another church.

You must not have any respect for God or for his emissaries here on Earth. I know that people are often attracted to others, whether they or that other person is in a relationship or not; in either case, it’s possible not to act on attraction when both parties aren’t free, the best course of action is to separate yourself from that other person. Completely. Each of you owed a duty, to God in this case, not to engage in inappropriate behavior but chose to do so anyway.

While I love my priests, I don’t love them in a personal way but rather as a sheep loves its shepherd, knowing that if I have a genuine pastoral need, they’re available for me. And available for the next sheep to catch its hoof in a rock or become tangled in barbed wire. I know that as important as the priests are to me, they’re equally important to everyone else and need to be available for all. I have no special claim, nor does anyone else. Not even you.

It seems that Mr. Cutie-Pie will both marry you and remain a priest of some sort. In the end, his attention will again be split between you and a church. Is that what you really had in mind? Marrying a priest who would remain a priest? Don’t get me wrong, I know he needs to have a job with which to support you; I don’t know what you do for a living or if you divorced well and don’t need to worry about that.

If it was me? I wouldn’t be interested in a cheater. Especially not a guy who would cheat on God.

2 Responses to The Future Mrs. Cutie-Pie

  1. Norah says:

    Cutie planned all along to become an Episcopalian at the end of 2009. The publication of the photos brought forward his leaving the barque of Peter. He had been in discussion with the Episcopial bishop of Florida for two years.

    This information came via the Episcopal bishop in question.

  2. John says:

    You should note that Fr. Cutie has an accent on the “e”, and the name is pronounced “Koo-tee-eh,” accent on the last syllable. The “Cutie-pie” pun just doesn’t work.

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