May 22: Blessed Maria Domenica Brun Barbantini

Blessed Maria Domenica Brun Barbantini, 1789 – 1868

BL. MARIA DOMENICA BRUN BARBANTINI was born on 17 January 1789 in Lucca, Italy. She married at the age of 22, but six months later her husband died and that same night she consecrated herself to the Lord forever.

She was expecting a child and gave birth to a son. While seeing that he received a Christian upbringing, she carried on her husband’s business activities and still found time at night to help the poor, sick and abandoned.

She continued to serve them and gradually attracted a group of women who devoted themselves entirely to this charitable service. In 1817 they became the Pious Union of the Sisters of Charity.

Her son died at the age of eight after a short illness. Her love for God led her to work wherever she was needed. In advance of her time, she gave an impetus to all the activities of Catholic action.

After living with the Visitandines, the question arose as to whether God wanted her to be entirely consecrated to prayer or to serving the poor sick.

She met Fr Antonio Scalabrini, later Superior General of the Order of St Camillus, who taught her the spirit of service to the sick, which led to the foundation of the Sisters Servants of the Sick of St Camillus in 1829, dedicated to serving the sick in the Camillian spirit. In 1841 the Archbishop of Lucca approved her Rule and granted the new community the status of a diocesan religious institute. She died in Lucca on 22 May 1868.


5 Responses to May 22: Blessed Maria Domenica Brun Barbantini


    dear fathers and sisters;

    greetings of peace and love!

    i would like request your good office for a first class relic of blessed maria domenica barbantini in a theca.i will use it for public veneration here in our parish .may our intentions be grant through the intercession of blessed maria domenica barbantini.please send the relic to this adderss 195 manuel quezon street hagonoy taguig city philippines.

    i hope that you would grant my request.may god bless you with his unending graces!

    yours in christ,

    SEM.ryan mariano

  2. Be sure that you also receive any documents of authentication necessary for public veneration of a relic.

  3. Emmanuel Aldrin Ferrer says:

    Your reverence

    Peace be with you! 

    I am Emmanuel Aldrin A. Ferrer of Ministry of litturgical affairs requesting your benevolent office to kindly send a piece of relic of B.MARIA DOMENICA in a theca. She is a model servant of God who offered her life for the sake of Jesus. We are introducing her devotion to our lay people she will serve as our reminder to always love God before anything else her presence through her relic will strengthen our desire to provide spiritual and pastoral care for those who are in need. The relic that will be provided will be in public veneration

    Please be reassured that the relic will be provided with the utmost care and reverence stipulated according to the decrees of Canon Law of Holy Mother, the Church.

    Send us also prayer card to help in spreading his devotion (english)
    Your kind response to our request

    +Emmanuel Aldrin A. Ferrer
    #32 12 st. New Manila 1112 Quezon City, Philippines

  4. Foundation for Defense of Democracies

    May 22: Blessed Maria Domenica Brun Barbantini | The Black Cordelias

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