Blessed Jean Mopinot, May 21

Blessed Jean Mopinot May 21

Blessed Jean Mopinot, Religious and Martyr
Rheims, France, September 12, 1724 – Rochefort, France, May 21, 1794

Jean Mopinot was born in Rheims, France, September 12, 1724 and entered the novitiate Lasallian (the Brothers of Christian Schools) on January 14, 1794. Imprisoned during the French Revolution on particular calls pontoon boats, he died from hardship and disease on May 21, 1794 off the coast of Rochefort, the first of a group of brothers who were also prisoners. John Paul II beatified him on October 1, 1995 together with 63 other martyrs who died during the Revolution: the victims suffered for their faith, known as the “Martyrs of the pontoons of Rochefort.” They were saved from the abuse that 285 people were freed on February 12, 1795; they returned to their countries, leaving written records of the heroic example of their companions, thus starting the process of beatification. There were seven Brothers of Christian Schools imprisoned on pontoons. Three were saved, while the remaining four (including Jean) died in prison.

Roman Martyrology: In front of Rochefort on the French coast, blessed John Mopinot, brother of the Christian Schools and martyr who, during the French Revolution, was held, as religious, in a sordid prison, where he died of illness.

The Brothers of Christian Schools imprisoned in pontoons were actually seven in total: Roger, Leon, Uldaric, Pierre-Christophe, Donat-Joseph, et Jugon Avertin. The latter three were in fact among the survivors and released February 12 1795. Among the four deaths in prison, however, news about Brother Pierre-Christophe was not passed on and he consequently has not been beatified.

Author: Fabio Arduino

Source: Santi e Beati


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  1. Marinkina says:

    Пора переименовать блог, присвоив название связанное с доменами :) может хватит про них?

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