VOCATIONS TUESDAY: Institute Of Christ The King

Institute of Christ the King

The Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest is a society of priests in the Catholic Church that celebrates the liturgy in Latin in accordance with its constitutions and founding documents based on permissions granted by Rome. The Institute also preserves and patronizes traditional Latin Rite liturgical art and music and has undertaken the restoration and beautification of several churches. The Institute is a Society of Apostolic Life, whose rule of life is based generally on that of the secular canons. The Institute has its own choir dress adopted in 2006 and solemnly given to members by the Cardinal Archbishop of Florence. The Institute of Christ the King has as its stated aim the defense and propagation of the reign of Christ in all areas of human life, both private and social.

The Institute, founded in 1990, is based in Gricigliano, Italy, where the international seminary is located. The Institute’s foundation was originally canonically erected in Gabon, where the Institute still maintains several missions, notably in the capital Libreville. Its canonical status is of ‘diocesan rite’ coming under the supervision of the Archdiocese of Florence. Deacons and priests are incardinated into the Institute, whose Superior General is the major superior with the right to call to orders. Its founder is the Very Reverend Monsignor Gilles Wach, STD, Superior General; co-founder is Father Philippe Mora, STD, Rector of the Seminary. Wach and Mora received their priestly formation under the late Cardinal Siri (d. 1989) of Genoa. The Institute currently has more than seventy seminarians in formation, and numbers over fifty priests.

The charism of the Institute is based on the example of its three patron saints: Saint Benedict, with his love for the solemn celebration of the liturgy, his emphasis on work and prayer, and his role in laying the groundwork for an integral Christian civilization in medieval Europe; Saint Thomas Aquinas, with his emphasis on the harmony between faith and reason; and, Saint Francis de Sales, with the importance he attached to teaching the Catholic faith with patience and charity, and to encouraging all Catholics to seek a life of holiness through the ordinary means of the Church, such as devout attendance at Mass and frequent confession.

(text taken from Wikipedia)

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2 Responses to VOCATIONS TUESDAY: Institute Of Christ The King

  1. Prayer Request,
    Thanks so much for being there to see to the spritual nourishiments of people like me at this trying moment
    of my life when i needed it most.I am a Colombian serving a short jail term in Africa pending when my case will be
    called up in the court any moment from now.

    I must here ,hasten to confess that my case is a little complicated because of my alleged involvement in a not too
    legal international trade,but i believe in what the bible says through the mouthpiece of our Lord and savior Jesus
    Christ;that if only we can confess the lord Jesus with our mouths and confess also our sins to one another and believe
    in our hearts that they are forgiven ,while also forgiving our neighbours,that our sins will be forgiven no matter how
    scarlet-like they may appear.

    So i want you to pray for me and when this evil wind of incarceration blows past me i will not fail to sow a seed of
    appreciation in your Ministry.The name of your Ministry alone reminds me of what a freeman i was indeed before this
    time and gives me some strange feeling of faith that if you pray for me, i could actually regain not only my physical
    freedom,but spiritual freedom indeed.

    I will appreciate a daily bible programme on your website and will follow it up and hope that you will not look unto the
    degree of my unrighteousness and pray for my freedom.
    Thanks and God Bless your Ministry in Jesus name Amen.

    Dario Castiblanco

  2. what is debt…

    […]VOCATIONS TUESDAY: Institute Of Christ The King « The Black Cordelias[…]…

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