Blessed Lodovico Pavoni, April 1

blessed-lodovico-pavoni-apr-1 Blessed Lodovico Pavoni Priest
Brescia, September 11, 1784 – Saiano, Brescia, April 1, 1849

Founder of the Congregation of the Sons of Mary Immaculate – Pavoniani.

Roman Martyrology: At Brescia, Blessed Ludovico Pavoni, a priest, who with great care was devoted to the education of poverty-stricken youth, in particular to educate them according to Christian morals and to start a job, for founding the Congregation of the Sons of Mary Immaculate.

Lodovico Pavoni was born in Brescia on September 11, 1784 to noble and wealthy parents.
He immediately proved a lively and talented young man, endowed with great intelligence, open to many interests, sensitive to social problems.

Ordained a priest in 1807, he was devoted to an intense catechetical, soon founding an oratory cleverly arranged for the Christian education of children and adolescents poorer, so anticipating the modern day youth educational associations.

Bishop Gabrio Nava in 1812 chose him as his secretary, while allowing for continued management of the oratory, which flourished and had hundreds of students. In 1818 he was appointed canon of the cathedral and authorized him to devote himself entirely to the foundation of a College of Arts, which from 1821 would be called “Saint Pio Institute Barnabas, for teens and poverty-stricken youth or abandoned; later section for deaf-mutes was added.

In the three decades that followed Lodovico Pavoni developed a method of education, which places him at the most enlightened educators of the 1800’s; he organized education and the start of work, the prelude to modern schools. He also began exceptional printing and publishing activities, in advance of the current media apostolate of social communications, introduced the world of work wise reforms of absolute novelty, anticipating by half a century of the social doctrine of the Rerum Novarum and finally founded the religious congregation of the Sons of Mary Immaculate, which seemed so new and bold (the “brethren laborers”) that it long puzzled the civil and religious authorities, so that only after more than a decade of grueling practices they gave it official recognition.

Father Lodovico Pavoni died on April 1, 1849 at Saiano at Brescia, a victim of his heroic attempt to rescue children from the danger of fighting the Ten Days of Brescia.

The Church in 1947 recognized his heroic virtues and suggested this as a model of Christian life. Pope John Paul II declared him blessed on April 14, 2002.

Author: P. Giuseppe Rossi

Source: Santi e Beati


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