Blessed Emmanuele de Alburqurque, March 29

blessed-emanuele-de-alburquerque-mar-29Blessed Emmanuel de Alburquerque, Knight of Mercedario
March 29
XIII Century

Knight of Mercedario layman, Blessed Emmanuel de Alburquerque, was born into one of the most illustrious families of Portugal. He was distinguished for charity and the virtues of life and honorably accepted the appointment of the Redeemer. Sailing to Africa, in 1289, on a mission of redemption, he was surprised by a great storm in which the wreck was inevitable, when he saw the sky Brains de Santa Maria, which he always called, who commanded the winds and the sea and immediately calms them. Arriving safely in Morocco, freed 126 slaves from the cruel oppression of Muslims. Full merits of the saints died in the peace of the Lord in Spain under General de San Pietro Amer.

The Order celebrates him on March 29.

Source: Santi e Beati


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