Blessed Antonio Patrizi of Monticiano, March 28

blessed-antoniopatrizi-from-monticiano-mar-28Blessed Antonio Patrizi from Monticiano, Augustinian Hermit

March 28
+ Monticiano, ca. 1311

Roman Martyrology: At Monticiano at Siena, Blessed Antonio Patrizi, a priest of the Order of Hermits of St. Augustine, who was a true lover of his brethren and neighbor.

Italy is the first Western country where Christianity has been since the early days where fertile soil took root and brought abundant fruits of holiness. Unfortunately this great heritage of faith and witness to Christ is often unknown and especially in our day is at risk of falling into absolute disuse. Several medieval characters, for which the Church was keen to formalize the recognition of their sanctity, are now forgotten, or their cult is now confined to the church or the country where their remains rest.
It also the case of Blessed Antonio Patrizi of Montigiano, about whose life there are few and uncertain facts. Born in Siena in the first half of the thirteenth century to a noble family, he entered the Augustinian Lecceto in e, then went to Monticiano where he died early in the next century, perhaps around 1311. Only once he had given a break by going on a visit to his brother Peter and the nearby Hermitage of Camerata.

Two years after his death his remains were transferred from the town cemetery to be placed in an urn under a wooden altar. Other translation apparently occurred in 1616 and in 1700. Since 1313 there has existed a confraternity dedicated to Blessed Antonio Patrizi, whose cult was confirmed only in 1804 by Pope Pius VII.

Author: Fabio Arduino

Source: Santi e Beati


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    Do not let others change your plan for that which is the divine plan.
    -Saint Robert Joachim John Bronislaw

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