Blessed Ugolino Zefirini, MARCH 22

beato-ugolino-zefirini-mar-22Beato Ugolino Zefirini
March 22
Cortona, circa 1320 – 1367

Blessed Ugolino was born in Cortona to the 1320s. When he was still a teenager, due to discord in the city, he was forced to go into exile in Mantua, where, in 1336, he entered the Augustinian convent of S. Agnese. Rturning home in 1354, Blessed Ugolino was consecrated to God in the “young” Augustinian Order, ordered by Pope Alexander IV as a union of groups of hermits living cenobitic in the spirituality of St. Augustine. He then received specific training in understanding the sanctity of life, in love for study, especially of Sacred Scripture, in evangelization and spiritual and cultural formation, in search of solitude, asceticism, prayer and penance. After a unique apostolate, Blessed Ugolino spent the last years of his life in the solitude of a hermitage.

He died around 1367. His cult was confirmed by Pope Pius VII in 1804. His mortal remains are venerated in the church of Sant ‘Agostino in Cortona.

He is remembered on March 22.

Author: P. Bruno Silvestrini O.S.A.

Source: Santi e Beati


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