Blessed Marcello Call, March 19

blessed-marcello-call-march-19Blessed Marcello Call, Layman and Martyr

Rennes, France, December 6, 1921-Malthausen, Austria, March 19, 1945

Born in Rennes (France) December 6, 1921, Blessed Marcello Call was 24 when he died, on March 19 1945 in the concentration camp at Mauthausen. He is part of the host of Catholic martyrs in Hitler’s persecution: priests, religious and laity, just like Marcello. Taken as apprentice in a printer at just 13 years, he joined the work with the scoutistica. Then he entered the Joc (Young Christian Workers). At age 22, in 1943, he was taken by the occupying Germans and sent to forced labor in Germany. His Destination was Zelha-Malhis in Thuringia. Here the Christian apostolate worked among the prisoners. For this reason he was closed in jail. Finally, he was sent into the camp of Güssen, satellite of the notorious Mauthausen camp. Here he died on the hardships and his corpse was burned in the crematorium. He was raised to the altars in 1987.

Roman Martyrology: At Mauthausen in Austria, blessed Marcello Call, martyr, who, a young native of Rennes in France during the war with the Christian spirit comforted in the faith his fellow prisoners, exhausted from forced labor and was killed in this camp.

A shining example of the Christian faith, he lived heroically in the horrors of World War II, then a lay near us, which rises to sciaguratezze warning against ideologies, to have racial hatred, religious, inhuman.

Marcello Call was born December 6 ,1921 in Rennes, France, the second of nine siblings, grew up in a deeply Christian family, every morning for seven years, went to church to serve Mass.

On October 1, 1934 at 13, he was hired as an apprentice in a printing shop of Rennes and alternated the hard work for his age, the passion for scouting, but he left in late 1935 to join the IOC (Catholic Action Worker), where he worked enthusiastically in the apostolate, becoming chairman of his chamber.

In full World War, in March 1943 at 22, he was enlisted by the STO (Service du Travail obligatorie) by the German occupiers and sent to Germany, field of work Zelha-Melhis in Thuringia, in this field even illegally, he tried to play, armed with a deep faith, an apostolate of religious consolation, to act as he could to alleviate the sufferings of deported el’amarezza, his companions in misfortune.

He was accused of being ‘too Catholic’ and was imprisoned in the prisons of Gotha, April 19, 1944, where stayed for five months, suffering untold physical and moral suffering, bearing with heroic spirit in a continuous ascent to holiness.

On October 4, 1944, he was interned in the notorious concentration camp at Mauthausen, and then on November 7 at the nearby camp Güssen II, where he died on March 19, 1945, completely destroyed by the physical sufferings and from deprivation of all kinds, including the exhausting work, anxiety and not knowing anything of his family.

Marcello Call is being added to the ranks of heroic figures who died in extermination camps in Germany and are gradually climbing to the altars, for having given testimony of their Christian faith, with the sacrifice of their lives.

He was beatified by Pope John Paul II on October 4, 1987.

Source: Santi e Beati


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