Blessed Tommasello da Perugia, March 17

blessed-tomassello-di-perugia-march-17 Blessed Tommasello da Perugia

March 17, 1270

According to a contemporary historical document almost the blessed praise written in the obituary of the convent of Saint Domenico di Perugia, Blessed Tommasello was born in Perugia (almost certainly before mid-XIII) and entered the convent of the order of Preachers of St. Dominic when he was still a child.

His obituary says that for years he was a student of Saint Thomas Aquinas, the great Doctor of the Church. It is believed that Tommassello was a disciple of Aquinas when he taught in Rome (1265-67), Viterbo (1267-1268) and in Naples (1272-1274).

In the obituary, Blessed Tommasello is remembered for his great teaching, his teaching and preaching in Perugia and in nearby towns, for his exemplary religious life and holiness. The Obituary, then, brings the spirit of mortification, recalling, for example, that when he went to Naples for a provincial chapter, wearing a shirt of iron on his bare skin.

To Blessed Tommassello were attributed many miracles, that he, in humility, he tried to keep hidden, the clergy and the people of Perugia esteemed him as a saint, already during his lifetime.

The reporter in the obituary of Tommasello wrote that after 28 (XXVIII) years after his birth he died and was buried in the church of his convent near the altar of the Blessed Virgin. Later, in 1285 his body was buried in a more worthy tomb.

Taking into account everything that stated in the Blessed Tommassello’s obituary that his life was longer. One of these authors, Taurisano, thought to a clerical error, suggesting that in fact the correct figure indicating the age of death is not XXXVIII XXVIII.

According to the inscription of an ancient depiction of the blessed, he died in 1270.

At present the remains of Blessed Tommasello rest in the church of Saint Domenico in Perugia, together with those of Blessed Nicola da Giovinazzo. The Dominican order recalls the blessed disciple of Saint Thomas Aquinas on March 17.

Author: Francesco Roccia

Source: Santi e Beati

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  1. mary margaret kujawa says:

    thank you for info. i had not known this holy passionist

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