Proposed Connecticut Legislation Interferes with Roman Catholic Church Operations

Fr. Z has a post about this bill. As though it isn’t simply outrageous that the State of Connecticut would interfere with a religious corporation, the bill under consideration, singles out the Roman Catholic Church. The objective is to change the structure of the church, removing all power from the Archbishop for anything but pastoral care and putting it into the hands of the laity.

Furthermore, it would abrogate the rights of the church to keep documents private and provide that anyone may copy any church business records with a few days notice, without defining business records. There is neither a provision about payment for those copies , nor any information about privacy rights.

Government proposes to interfere for no good reason in the operation of one Church. This would inhibit the sovereignty of said religion and would entangle government therewith. It looks like religious discrimination to me.

Not only that, it seems like sour grapes of a pro-gay state, which doesn’t like the teaching of the Catholic Church and will do whatever is harmful.

Whoever wrote this bill may believe that because it targets operations rather than actual religious practice, they’re off the hook for discrimination, but I doubt it.  This bill is targeted to one religion so doesn’t pass the smell test. Where I live, bills must be neutral on their face.


5 Responses to Proposed Connecticut Legislation Interferes with Roman Catholic Church Operations

  1. happy says:

    Save Your Stamps, Catholics:The Catholic Crusade Against a Mythical Abortion Bill

    so… what’s the deal on this?

  2. happy says:

    “Save Your Stamps, Catholics:The Catholic Crusade Against a Mythical Abortion Bill”

    This is an article that was there but now it is gone….. Just wondering what the deal is on FOCA right now. We have already mailed our postcards!

    Anyone know?

  3. paulmack says:

    This is the fault of most Catholics; not the church itself. the church is going south spiritually, but its because its laity has joined the world.
    The average catholic practices birth control, the Average catholic female is feminist, thinking she has special rights over men, can live lives that men live and should make decisions that men make.

    Most recently a hoard of Catholics voted for Obama and for that you will be punished under his administration through govt interference in your life, forcing mothers to give up child rights to the
    state, Schools taking your right away as a parent through the state, and the state having more and more control over your personal lives as they begin to regulate your home and tax you for it, in the name of “going green.” This among many other proposals that will come as punishment for your giving into the political secular world.

    Meanwhile the economy will crash soon, and you will end up taking the mark of the beast which is called the digital angel chip, condemning your very souls…all because you wanted special rights given to you by the state, joining the oncoming Obama state.

    Political rallys for change: letters, complaints etc. to your reps will not change anything any longer; the state has gained a control they have longed for forever it seems. That’s again because you became worldly and the biggest mistake was for Catholics once again to have voted in the loss of your personal rights

    When the economic crash comes many almost none will be ready and so dont expect for God to help you because you avoided his help by rejecting him through sacrificing your spiritual in replacement for whats political.
    In other words, you joined the world. so don’t expect the lord t hear you when the economic financial crisis comes, you blocked him out when you became worldly.

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