Blessed Avertano di Lucca, February 25

blessed-avertano-di-luccaBlessed Averto di Lucca

February 25
Roman Martyrology: In  Lucca, Avertano blessed pilgrimage and religious of the Order of Carmelites.
Source: Santi e Beati

2 Responses to Blessed Avertano di Lucca, February 25

  1. Tap says:

    Can any of Posters on the Blogs speak to the case of John Cassian. I’ve read his conferences, & institutes and On the Incarnation [after seeing a link on a Catholic forum about a topic i was intereseted in]. I got mesmerized by his works, and it has increased my spirituallity (subjective i know)

    Now i’m a Catholic, with not intentions of leaving the One true Church with Peter’s successors at the helm. Last lent after reading some of book, i took a look at his Bio on Wikipedia, and was shocked to find that he had been accused post-mortem of semi-pelagianism. I went searching for any defense of the guy i could find, and i found this book : “Tradition and Theology in St. John Cassian”

    I suppose i might have been to eager to exonerate, given my attraction to his words, but can any of you speak to John Cassian? And has any one read this book that basically exonerates him of semi-pelagianism, and anti-augustinism? Especially given the totallity of his works.


  2. Nan says:

    I’m not familiar with him.

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