Large Families

children2A few years ago, I went to an annual Christmas display at the local department store. In line ahead of us there was a family. My mom said the kids couldn’t all be theirs; there were 8. The line we were in was quite long, and I heard the family talking. The girls had names like Ann, Catherine and Bridget…typical Catholic names. We just speculated but someone ahead of us in line asked.

The children, plus another, who was babysitting somewhere else, all belonged to these parents. They were polite in responding to the nosy questioners, but admitted they tell rude people that they’re on welfare.

To most people, large families are suspect. There must be something wrong with those people. They’re following neither the mandate of the Chinese nor recommendation of the British, thus are irresponsible. Maybe they’re adhering to Catholic teaching?

Nah, that’s crazy.


2 Responses to Large Families

  1. Rico says:

    From a father of 6

  2. JC says:

    What’s really sad is that, these days, people don’t even assume “Catholic” when they see big families. Their first thought apparently is “Mormon”.

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