Blessed Luca Belludi, February 17

blessed-luca-belludi-feb-17Beato Luca Belludi Franciscan

February 17

Roman Martyrology: At Padua, blessed Luca Belludi, a priest of the Order of Minors, disciple and companion of Saint Anthony.

Of the noble family of Belludi of Padua, entered the Franciscan Order at 25, tradition has it that it was the same Saint Francis to dress him with the habit. Of high culture because he is likely to have attended the renowned University of Padua.

He was ordained a Priest in 1227, Luke met with Saint Anthony of Padua, where he became a faithful disciple to his death so he was called “Luke of St. Anthony.” He was one of the editors of Sermons of the Santo.

With his prayers and St. Anthony’s intervention in a dream, Padua was freed from the tyrant Ezzelino bullied by Romano, June 20, 1256. Blessed Luca died on February 17, 1286.

His body was buried in the same urn which had contained the body of Saint Anthony. In 1971 it was transferred into another tomb ever in the Basilica of the Saint in Padua. Always considered blessed, the title was confirmed after due process by Pius XI on May 18, 1927.

Remain with him the “Sermones dominicales” which are kept in full in the Library of St. Anthony of Padua. It has been said about him from time immemorial, “He was a disciple and companion of Saint Anthony, a man dottissimo truly excellent and among the preachers in the doctrine and life little different from his Master. “

He is called upon by students for success on their exams.

Source: Santi e Beati


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    Blessed Luca Belludi, February 17 | The Black Cordelias

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