A View From The Catholic Trenches on Bishop Williamson of the SSPX

Recent stupid comments by an illicitly consecrated bishop that helps to oversee a canonically irregular group of priests that have placed themselves outside the jurisdiction of the local ordinaries or direct obedience to the Holy See has created quite a dust-up… Made all the worse by the fact that it comes in tandem with a lifting of the excommunication incurred by this man and other bishops with whom he was illicitly consecrated. When the Only Tool You Have is a Hammer, … The writer is dead on: We don’t excommunicate people for being idiots. If we did, many are the times I would be worried for myself. That being said, if Bp. Williamson of the Society of Saint Pius X wanted to go become a hermit, I would help him find a cave, so long as he promises to never leave it.


3 Responses to A View From The Catholic Trenches on Bishop Williamson of the SSPX

  1. John Thames says:

    The Guillotine Of Revisionism

    It appears that Bishop Richard Williamson has put the Catholic hurch on the spot. The pope has demanded that Williamson recant his vies. In essence, the Jews are demanding that the Church endorse the “six million” lie as official theology. Whether Williamson actually recants remains to be seen. The issue, however, is much more fundamental than Bishop Williamson. The issue is: Suppress Holocaust Denial at all costs. Holocaust Denial must be relegated to the underworld of cranks and lunatics. It must not be espoused by “respectable people” amd it must not be overlooked by “respectable institutions”. Bishop Richard Williamson is doing that which must not be tolerated. He is asserting, in essence, that people of standing in society can espouse unacceptable views. He is inviting others similarly situated to do the same. That is a deadly threat to the prevailing system of thought control.

    Bishop Richard Williamson must not be tolerated. An example must be made of him that shall crush anyone so tempted. If Richard Williamson is permitted to get away with his heresy others, ever so timidly, shall begin to cross the line. As more and more become aware of the hoax and its implications, a certain power shall become ever more exposed to view. That power, which now terrorizes everyone with threat of career destruction and criminal prosecution for “hate crimes”, shall itself begin to tremble. There shall be demands to replace a fake extermination with a real extermination. There shall be a nation, wrongfully accused, rising up in righteous wrath. There will be tens of millions of dead Russians and Ukrainians rising from their graves to demand retribution from the still extant descendants of the commissars. A nation of Arabs, robbed of their land and all their possessions, shall rise as one. Demands for Jewish blood and murderous retribution shall be everywhere.

    The Jews know that all their power resides in one unholy lie. Expose that lie before the world and the Jew stands defenseless before the guillotine.

  2. Joel says:

    Mr. Thames,
    Try expressing this view at the little known museum which was an operational concentration camp called Dachau. Try expressing this view to members of the VFW who found those poor hopeless souls starving to death. Try expressing this view to the Jewish survivor who resides at the nursing home I work at, Or take your BS somewhere else, somewhere other lunatics like yourself like to congregate.

  3. Nan says:

    Try telling that to the souls in a truly little known museum in what was once an operational concentration camp in Begunje. Try telling that to the families of the dead, whose names are scratched into the stone walls.

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