Blessed Candelaria di San Giuseppe (Susanna Paz-Castillo Ramirez), January 31

beata-candelaria-di-san-giuseppe-susanna-paz-castillo-ramirez-jan-31Blessed Candelaria di San Giuseppe

(Susanna Paz-Castillo Ramirez)

Altagracia di Orituco, Venezuela, August 11, 1863-Cumana, Venezuela, January 31-1940

Born on August 11, 1863 in Altagracia de Orituco (Venezuela), she was christened with the name of Susanna, and was the third daughter of Francisco de Paula Paz Castillo. Susanna was part of a typical household of the time, with a very well-formed Christian background and was respectful and honest, simple, orderly, and industrious. In the atmosphere, she learned and lived her life with human and Christian values, as is clear from the testimony of her sister Carmen.

Her school, though small and weak, was investigating the second time and this was not a ground for her education: she learned her first concepts in the writing and culture with enthusiasm by throwing reading. What’s more, she learned the cut and all kinds of housework. This was the very useful service to the essential place in the future.

At the dawn of the twentieth century, Venezuela experienced a great political turbulence as economic and social consequence of the revolution of liberation. Blessed Candelaria’s mother took care of patients and injuries, with prodigious attention and offered consolation. With other young people of her hometown, a group of doctors and the support of the priest of the parish of Altagracia de Orituco, p. Sixto Sosa, she founded a hospital to take care of all those in need: whether they were in small boats or in tents, she took care of them.

This treatment center, founded in 1903, marked the beginning of the religious family that today is known as the Carmelite Sisters of Mother Candelaria. The life of this Venezuelan woman moved among the poor, has been characterized by profound humility and infinite love towards them, from a deep faith, prayer and love the Church.

In addition to her focus on patients, she was active in education of children, a position which has left a legacy for her Carmelite daughters.

In her last illness which lasted almost two years and left her disabled, she was characterized by total acceptance of God’s will and patience.

Prostrate in suffering, she said: “We must not seek to alleviate the pain, but offer it to God.” At dawn on 31 January 1940 Mother Candelaria died in Cumana, saying three times by the name of Jesus

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Source: Santi e Beati


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