Blessed Cyprian Michael Iwene Tansi, January 20

blessed-cyprian-michael-iwene-tansi-jan-20Blessed Cyprian Michael Iwene Tansi

Igboezunu, 1903-January 20, 1964, Leicester

Nigeria’s first blessed, was beatified by Pope John Paul II on March 22, 1998 at Onitsha. He was born in 1903, in Igboezunu in southern Nigeria in the Igbo tribe, the actors in the 1967-70 civil war of Biafra. Iwene (this is the first name) was sent to school by the missionaries, who were in Nigeria since 1890. At nine years was christened with the name of Michael. Overcoming the opposition of parents in 1925, he entered the seminary at Igbarian, becoming a priest in 1937 in the Cathedral of Onitsha. Appointed parish priest in Dunukofia, he engaged in a vast work of evangelization, allowing many to overcome superstition and perceived injustices in the name of religion. From 1945 to 1949 he was pastor at Aguleri. Following the desire of the bishop of the diocese have a monastic Tanso father went to England, entering in 1950 nell’abbazia Trappist Mount St. Bernard. In 1952 he was admitted to the novitiate, becoming one Cipriano issuing in 1956 his perpetual vows. In 1964, when traveling to Cameroon to lead the new monastic community, he was struck by an aortic aneurysm on January 20 that brought him to the hospital death of Leicester.

Roman Martyrology: In the monastery of Mount Saint Bernard in Leicester in England, blessed Cipriano (Michael) Iwene Tanso, Cistercian priest was born in the region of Onitsha in Nigeria, yet the child professed, against the wishes of the family, the Christian faith and was ordained a priest, with great zeal, he devoted himself to the pastoral care, as long as made monk deserved the crown of his holy life with a holy death.

SOURCE: Santi e Beati


11 Responses to Blessed Cyprian Michael Iwene Tansi, January 20

  1. I really love this Saint and his way of life just like Saint Anthony of Padua. God please through the intercession of St. Tansi, grant me the grace to live a holy and a happy life full of prayers, penance, petitions, purity, piety, charity and mortification, also grant me oh Lord the grace of a holy death when you call. Amen.

  2. Lord JESUS, through the intercessions our Blessed Mother Mary and Blessed Iwene Michael Tansi, grant me the grace to live a holy and happy life full of prayers, penance, petitions, purity, piety, charity and obedience, also a holy death when you call. Amen.

  3. michael ugwueze says:

    i also have a spiritual happenings in my life so i need some body to explain what i have become now it is so great that i can configure my self pray for me to God to teach me hoe to use my gift ok

  4. michael ugwueze says:

    i am in nigeria i need a very trusting spiritual director i have a gift which i know it is from God a big and great one so i cant talk more till i see a spiritual ditetor

  5. amaka ijeoma says:

    pls pray for me oh blessed cyprian micheal iwene tansi so that i will be close to God and do his will at all time.

  6. Belinda says:

    I know of someone you could talk to. His name is Fr. Isara. His e-mail address is:

  7. Anonymous says:

    May the Almighty Father continue to bless Blessed Cyprian Michael Iwene Tansi and we pray that one day he would become a Saint. Amen.

    Vincent Okonkwo, MN, USA.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Blessed Tansi I believe in all the miraculous deeds of you even after death. I pray you for Devine answers to my prayers upon my family, Amen.

  9. Oh,blessed iwene cyprain micheal tansi and our blessed mother mary,help me becon onto God to live a Goddly,Holy and worthy live and for his strength to bear the pains of my cross,Amen!!!

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