Dalai Lama loves George Bush

dalai-lama1and says you can’t tackle terrorists with non-violence.  I hope someone comes up with a jihad-prevention plan that re-educates Muslims so they believe in freedom of religion for all and end subjugation of women.


3 Responses to Dalai Lama loves George Bush

  1. […] American Buddhists (at least many of the self-professing ones I’ve met) would do well to look very closely at the tenets of their faith. They may find some things there that are deeply at odds with their self-constructed and largely left-secular worldview. H/T: The Black Cordelias […]

  2. Theephoenix says:

    Wow… I’d really like to see you repeat these words at a city council meeting.

    Or in front of your Governor.

    Or in front of your Cardinal.

    Or in front of the Pope.

    OR in front of the deceased John Paul II.

    They would all reply with the same comment:

    “To believe that Islam does not teach freedom or religion, or subjugates Muslim women, is to be ignorant of the Truth, and to make you a borderline Christian extremist.”

    Freedom of religion:

    1) Muslims Believe non-Muslims can Go to Heaven.
    a) Christians do not.

    2) Muslims make a special title for Christians and Jews, and are allowed to marry these “People of the Book”.
    a) Christians make no friendly titles and CAN NOT marry Muslims, ESPECIALLY Catholics.

    Freedom for Woman:

    1) If Muslim Woman are subjugated because of scarves and dress code, than so are Christian Nuns.

    2) Any bad treatment of Muslim Women seen in the Muslim world, is not sanctioned by the Creed and most likely the work of traditions which span a millennium.
    Such traditions go AGAINST the CREED of Islam and are being changed as Muslims win their freedom from the tyrants ruling them.


    Go to confession now and pray that God forgives your rude remarks to 1 billion + people.


  3. Nan says:

    phoenix, I would hesitate to put words in the mouth of the holy fathers or even my city council members.

    Freedom of Religion:

    1a. untrue. Christians are inherently non-Muslim and believe that they can go to heaven.

    2. Muslims also believe that women married to Muslims are automatically Muslim, such as Christian girls kidnapped and forced to marry Muslims;
    a) there is no inherent ban on Catholics marrying Muslims. It isn’t recommended.

    Freedom for Woman:

    1. The difference between Muslim women and Christian nuns is freedom of choice. Nuns choose to join an order, knowing whether or not they’ll wear the habit. Muslim women are shrouded up because their religion requires it; look at the women of Somalia, Saudi Arabia and Iran as a starting point. Never mind the Burqa requirements of the Taliban.

    2. If that were true, Muslim men would speak out against bad treatment of women. They don’t. Where I live, Somali immigrant men think they own the women in their family and are astonished when they learn otherwise. If you truly believe there are tyrants ruling the Muslim world, why don’t you and others speak out against it and do something to change?

    Directing me to go to confession is outside your purview; that was another nasty, personal crack and I’m quickly losing my tolerance for such personal attacks. As I live in a country that has freedom of speech enshrined in its constitution, stated my opinion and didn’t make personal remarks about anyone, there is no rudeness for me to confess; in addition to which, rudeness per se doesn’t give rise to a need for confession.

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