The Catholic Church Kills 3rd Worlders With HIV & Dogmatism

Q. According to the New York Times sexual repression caused by the right wing American churches Catholic and Protestant has stopped, through pressure groups, condom provision to 16 countries and reduced 13 others, including some with the highest rates of AIDS infection.The influence of Christian view of sinfulness of sex outside marriage, the U.S government has required that one-third of it’s AIDS prevention funds allocated to Africa be squandered on teaching abstinence rather than condom use. Millions WILL die due to this religious dogmatism.
How would you answer this question?

A. The NYT is a left wing propaganda machine and a news organization barely at all.Many of the men in Africa who have AIDS think that if they have sex with a virgin they will be cured. So will they use a condom? Will rapists use a condom? Many who spread the AIDS Virus do so primarily because they have the contraceptive mentality that permeates Western culture which approves and encourages the goal of sexual pleasure stripped of its procreative meaning of total self-giving love. So pleasure seekers are reluctant to use condoms b/c they reduce the pleasure.

JPII’s Theology of the Body portrays the sexual union of a husband, wife and child as an image of the HOLY TRINITY! Putting a barrier between lovers destroys the beauty of love. Can you imagine one of the persons of the Holy Trinity rejecting the creative power of one of the other persons???? That is precisely what happens with contracepted sex–rejection of the fertility of the beloved. That is NOT Total Self-Giving Love it is total self-getting love & pleasure.

Abstinence works. Uganda promotes this and has for some time and they have reduced their AIDS problem. Don’t have the stats on hand but click HERE for the story. Abstinence does work.

To hand out condoms as a preventative for AIDS is absolutely IRRESPONSIBLE. Your give people a false sense of security that may very well lead to their death and the death of those they infect and on, ad infinitum. Condoms break and slip. Condoms have very small pores or holes that are 50-500 times larger than the HIV virus but much, much smaller than sperm. Click HERE. Due to the layers of latex these pores are not aligned all the time, so the openings to HIV are reduced BUT THEY ARE THERE.

Would you jump out of an airplane with a parachute that had a 15 % chance of not opening? Condom protection against AIDS has an 15% failure rate for vaginal sex and only of 50% chance of protecting against AIDS with anal sex. A room full of sex experts were at a conference and were asked if they would use a condom in order to have sex with someone they knew had AIDS. NONE were willing to risk their lives for the momentary pleasure of sex with someone who had a deadly disease. Would you? I wouldn’t.

So, responsible, caring and truly loving people will only promote abstinence to protect against AIDS and STI’s . It is the only moral choice. I don’t want blood on my head. Do you?


6 Responses to The Catholic Church Kills 3rd Worlders With HIV & Dogmatism

  1. The idea that condoms will offer reliable protection from the AIDS virus is a lie from the devil. I’ve had my patients nearly faint from shock when I tell them they offer NO PROTECTION from herpes, human papilloma virus (HPV), chancre nor open syphillis. They barely and often do not prevent pregnancy let alone microscopic viruses. The only way is to WAIT until marriage and be faithful within marriage. Anything less is just that…less.

  2. Wycliffe 36 says:

    I appreciate this blog allows all views and that I truly applaud when those thoughts are sensible, mature and well informed (like many on this site)

    However, theology aside, the comments posted above are dangerous miss- informed nonsense and I feel have to be challenged if this blog is read by teenagers or young people.

    I would advise any young person to disregard the above comments for the nonsense they are and rather speak about contraception with a qualified health care professional, or General Practitioner.


  3. bfhu says:

    Disregard at your peril. Sanctus Belle’s comments about the lack of protection offered by condoms for herpes, human papilloma virus, and any STI that is spread by contact with skin not covered by a condom are completely accurate. Condoms break and are known to have a sketchy history of preventing pregnancy which can only happen ONE DAY of the month but STI’s can be contracted EVERY SINGLE DAY OF THE MONTH.

    Abstinence before marriage to a disease free mate and fidelity after marriage is the only 100% safe sex.

  4. Karen says:

    Failing to teach kids about condoms is like failing to point out the emergency exits on the plane because we don’t want to encourage crashes. We need to make sure that mistakes aren’t deadly or life-destroying.

  5. bfhu says:

    Your analogy is faulty. A lack of knowledge about where the emergency exits are, on an airplane, has absolutely NO connection or effect on causing a crash. That would be pure superstition. But there is a direct correlation between misinformation about condom protection and behavior. Teaching people that condoms protect from STI’s when the TRUTH is they only reduce the risk for some STI’s…NOT all of them can lead people to make a decision they may not have made if they had all the information. People make decision based on the information they have. Most people want to make good and safe decision. So, if a person is informed that condoms will protect him from STI’s and HIV then he may decide to use a condom every time he has sex. He has decided to play it safe and make a wise decision.

    But the whole truth has not penetrated. He never understood that the condom failure rate for protection against HIV is 15%! He never understood that the condom offers little to no protection against diseases that are spread from skin contact not covered by a condom in the genital area or mouth like HPV or Herpes. He never thought about the fact that the typical use of condoms has a failure rate resulting in pregnancy 10-15% of the time and that a girl can only get pregnant one day of the month but can get an STI EVERY day of of the month. If he had known all of this he may have made a different decision. But now it is too late he has contracted his worst nightmare….HIV.

    Would you risk getting a deadly disease using only a condom with an HIV, (not to mention HPV, or Herpes) infected person? Would you jump out of an airplane with a parachute that had a 15% chance of not opening?

    The way condoms are promoted in the US is irresponsible. They don’t want to emphasize the defects of condom protection too loudly or clearly for fear that people will just not use them at all which will result in even more infections if sexual activity continues unabated. They justify the false implication of better protection from condoms than the FACTS support b/c overall there will at least be a reduction in disease contraction. They don’t want to concern themselves with the fact that individuals will die and spread disease b/c of of incomplete information or understanding of the failure rates of condoms. This utilitarian approach to disease prevention is IRRESPONSIBLE AND IMMORAL.

    Abstinence before marriage, to a disease free beloved with perfect fidelity afterwards is the only 100% safe sex. If we teach about condoms then their failure rates for every disease must be CLEARLY AND ACCURATELY EXPLAINED. The diseases condoms OFFER NO PROTECTION FOR also needs to be CLEARLY AND ACCURATELY EXPLAINED. I have no secular problem with that. But the reality is that once people CLEARLY AND ACCURATELY understand how faulty condom protection really is they may choose abstinence instead if they are wise and masters of themselves as opposed to being enslaved to sexual sin.

  6. JC says:

    1. Whenever someone says “women should Condoms in case they’re raped,” I ask the question, “So, what’s she supposed to say: ‘Please, Mr. Rapist, I’ll open my legs for you if you put on this condom?'” I always challenge, “Why don’t we just allow women to carry guns in case they’re raped?” It creates one of those Socratic conundrums that cause the interlocutor to leave the discussion with a harumpf.

    2. It is *extremely* rare for men to get AIDS from a woman through normal sexual intercourse. It is generally rare for men to get STDs in general from intercourse, because the male sexual anatomy is highly sterile and protected. Bodily fluides do not usually *enter* the penis, and, if they do, they’re almost immediately rejected.

    Sexually, women get AIDS from men. Men get AIDS from other men. (Obviously, contact with infected blood is a different matter).

    3. Condom breakage is very common, especially with the cheap condoms distributed in the Third World. Then there’s the question of whether the condom is “used properly.” It’s one of the great lies of contraception.
    NFP “used correctly” is 99% effective at preventing pregnancy. Birth control pills “used correctly” are 98% effective. Yet, the operative words are “used correctly.” Physicians and politicains take for granted that “NFP doesn’t work,” but birth control pills require proper disciplined use just as much as NFP, but most people do not “use correctly.”
    Same is true of condoms.

    A few years ago, there was a major European study of NFP, the first fully secular, clinical study.
    There were a several groups. One group used true NFP. One group used contraceptive “fertility awareness”; they charted, but they used condoms on fertile days. Another group used the Pill. I forget what the other controls were.
    As it turned out, the ones on NFP had less pregnancies than those on the Pill or those using condoms. But those using condoms had like twice as many pregnancies as those using NFP.

    Think about it: most studies of condoms do not factor in fertility awareness. So they’re including condoms being used by couples during infertile times of the month.

    Four couples who used condoms during those days where conception might actually occur, they had twice as many pregnancies as those using NFP.

    What does that say about frequency of “condom failure”?

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