Meanwhile, in New Orleans…

statue_at_metairie_cemeteryFormer parishioners followed the example of their New England brethren and occupied closed churches. In this case, the Archdiocese waited only a few months before having them evicted but meanwhile, charges have been dropped.

The population of New Orleans, greatly reduced after Katrina, has increased, but not to pre-Katrina levels.

Pray for the return of Catholics to their parishes, so churches may be reopened.


2 Responses to Meanwhile, in New Orleans…

  1. Anne says:

    The two churches, St. Henry and Our Lady of Good Counsel, were viable parishes with no financial problems and more parishioners than before the hurricane. On January 7th, the Archdiocese of New Orleans issued a statement saying there would be no police action against the parishioners on vigil at the churches and that they hoped for a peaceful resolution. On January 8th, police and clergy broke down the 100 year old door at Our Lady of Good Counsel and two vigilists were arrested. They were allowed entry into St. Henry’s where one parishioner was issued a municipal summons for tresspassing.

    It does not seem to matter that the Archdiocese outright lies and arrests parishioners in church for praying. For shame!

  2. Nan says:

    If the churches are closed, the people are no longer parishioners but trespassers.

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