Blessed Eurosia Fabris Barban, January 8

blessed-eurosia-fabris-barban-jan-8Blessed Eurosia Fabris Barban

Quinto Vicentino, September 1866 – Marola (Vicenza), January 8, 1932

She was the mother of nine children, three of which became priests. She joined the Franciscan Third Order, living the spirit of poverty and joy. She was a woman of great faith and charity, who helped the needy, the sick and radiated the light of the Gospel in her family and in the parish of Marola (Vicenza), where she lived and died.

The saint in the Catholic Church, is the one who will be guided by the Holy Spirit and corresponds to its call. The Spirit will plasma and when the soul wants to give a message to his Church, as an example to others.

This is the meaning of beatification and canonization in the Catholic Church. Holiness is manifested in every age, social status and place, so it also showed in the life and home of the mother of the familyof Eurosia Fabris Barban, who was born September 27, 1866 in Quinto Vicentino, a large municipality to 8 km from Vicenza.

Her parents Luigi and Maria Fabris moved in 1870 to Marola (Vicenza) and Rosina, as she was called in the family, attended only the first two elementary grades, because then she had to help her parents in the work of the fields in that time when female illiteracy exceeded 75%, it was fortunate for her that she could learn to read, write and do the accounts and reading was her passion.

She grew up in the atmosphere of a Christian family, every night they met to pray the rosary, always seeking God’s will for her future.

Her devotions were the crucifix, the crib, the Holy Spirit, the Tabernacle, the Virgin Mary, the souls in Purgatory, she led her adolescents and youth in prayer, work, in innocence and simplicity, completed her training with reading books useful studying the catechism and the Sacred History.

She taught catechism to the girls in the parish of Marola and, later, taught the art of cutting and sewing to young people at her home.

In 1885, when Rosina was 19, a tragedy happened in the house of her neighbors, a young wife died of an incurable disease, leaving Carlo Barban a widower at 23, with two young sons, Chiara Angelo and Italy who were 20 and 4 months, along with their grandfather who was elderly and sick and his brother Charles, still a minor, Benedict.

A tragic situation that deeply affected the young Rosina and when she was asked to look after the house as a maid, she gladly accepted, especially by focusing his care to the small ones in need of affection.

Her work continued for six months, then at the request of the young widower, following the advice of relatives and the parish priest, she agreed to marry him, mainly to act as the mother for the small orphans; she saw in this marriage God’s will.

The marriage was celebrated on 5 May, 1886 in the parish church of Marola, fraction towers Quartesolo (VI), and her marriage was considered by all a delicious act of charity.

Entering the family Barban, Eurosia Fabris was not aware that was going to do the ‘lady’ as they say, her husband Charles, had good and productive fields, but the father had left Angelo cheat, leaving the child in a serious situation of debt.
Rosina had understood the value of poverty, even Jesus was poor, but was the master of the world. She loved that the house was clean and tidy, she felt it was a poverty of dignity, were times of strong economic and social crisis, but always Eurosia confided to God.

Meanwhile, her family grew, she had seven children of her own, as she announced the Madonna appears in the Sanctuary of Monte Berico; in 1917 they added three other orphans of a niece, Sabina, who died while her husband was at the front in the First War world, and none of the relatives wanted to deal with the children, so Eurosia and her husband Charles, had no hesitation and accepted them into their home.

Her husband worried about how they could move forward, she replied: “Come on Charles, we think that the Lord sees us and loves us, he will think to take away from need, and we certainly need helpers, at least for our children, that he loves so much ‘innocence.’

Rosina was very generous, was often at the mercy of children whose mothers could not breastfeed, sometimes found herself with three children at once, distributed to the poorest, milk, eggs, soup, who personally led secretly, we can say that if the off the mouth to give it.

Eurosia actually lived in the early decades of the twentieth century, which were characterized by a strong economic crisis, by so much poverty, with the migration and the consequences of the war of 1915-18, money was scarce and many families in need, there yet the Social Security and mother Rosa was one who could help, not with the missing money, but with garden products and poultry.

She often persuaded her husband to give shelter to pastors or passing pilgrims and almost every night in the barn or stable, there were people who were asleep and Rosina, who also provided the dinner, when a woman gave birth to a child in the stable and she tok action to help, the Barbans welcomed that family for three days in their home.

Of her large family, including her children and adopted, two died at a tender age, two others chose the priesthood and Don Giuseppe According Barban, another Angelo Matthew, was a Franciscan with the name of Father Bernardino Barban, Angela Clare, the first adopted child, came from the Sisters of Mercy of Verona, another seminarian died and another was a Franciscan with the name of Brother George, the other six of the total of thirteen children, they chose the way of marriage to Rosa mother taught tirelessly to seek the God’s will, if they wanted to save the soul.

During studies of the two sons priests had to convince her husband Carlo, to let them go, especially the first to lend a hand in the family working the fields.

Not having money for the line, the two boys attended the school from outside, so every morning mother Rosa woke early to prepare breakfast for two children, who then went on foot to the Seminary of Marola Vicenza and then went out for attend the Mass, upon her return, she prepared breakfast for everyone else, awakened in the meantime, over the housework, she dedicated the rest of her free time to work as a seamstress until late evening, to help the faltering family budget.

In this mission of the Christian mother, enriched by the spirituality of Franciscan Third Order referred Eurosia since 1916 and was a member attended assiduously, is sacrificed and consumed, with no entertainment of any kind, with a slow and continuous wear, day by day, as candles on the altar of love.

She died on January 1932 surrounded by her loved ones; on February 3, 1972 began with the Curia bishop of Padua, the process information for his beatification, which ended April 23, 1977.

On June 22, 2004, the Vatican congregation responsible, in the presence of Pope John Paul II recognized the validity of a miracle obtained through her intercession, which opened the door for her beatification. She was Beatified by Pope Benedict XVI on November 6, 2005 in Vincenza.

SOURCE: Santi e Beati


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  1. This seemed to be one of the best articles about Blessed Mamma Rosa. But I had wanted some more quotes of her.Is there no thought or reply that people remembered of her?

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