Blessed Lindalva Justo de Oliveira

blessed-lindalva-justo-de-oliveira-jan-7Blessed Lindalva Justo de Oliveira Virgin and Martyr
Malhada Sitio da Areia, Brazil, Oct 20 ,1953 – Salvador do Bahia, Brazil, April 9, 1993

Sister Lindalva de Oliveira was born on October 20, 1953 in the small town of Sítio malhada from Areia, in the town of ACU, in Rio Grande do Norte. Sixth daughter of the couple formed by Justo João da Fé and Lúcia Maria da Fé, since small showed a great aptitude for the religious. She was very sensitive to the poor. When she moved to the city of Natal, studying and working to stay and help the family. Having concluded the second round, she took care of her father, who was elderly and sick, with love and patience. When he died, Lindalva, at 33 years old, entered the Society of the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul. She wanted to serve Christ in the poor. After completing the novitiate period, she was sent to Dom Pedro II, in Salvador, Bahia, receiving the task of coordinating an infirmary with 40 elderly, being responsible for theHall men. On the morning of April 9, 1993, Friday, she attended the Via Crucis with the faithful of the parish of Boa Viagem, in the company of the sisters of the Community of the Interior. Returning, she planned to serve breakfast to the elderly. She had not even started the service that was brutally murdered with 44 knife wounds by Augusto Peixoto, 46 years old, one of the patients. Based on the story of people who had lived with the nun, Bishop Lucas Moreira Neves wrote: “She was convinced that she had guessed her vocation, she was born to dedicate herself to God in the person of the poor and the elderly, and did not want more than to live This dedication to total and with a great love. ”

The process of beatification and recognition of the martyrdom of the Servant of God Lindalva Justo de Oliveira began on January 17, 2000. She was formally closed on March 3, 2001 in Salvador cathedral by Cardinal-Archbishop Geraldo Majella Agnelo. After a rapid process of beatification, December 16, 2006 was recognized her martyrdom. She was declared “blessed” on November 25, 2007.

Our contemporary really (was born in 1953), came to her beatification, just 14 years after the death: a sign, this, of a life clear of a consistent faith and an irrefutabl martyrdom. The Beatification is keen to stress that after Saint Francis, Santa Chiara and Mother Teresa of Calcutta, none has done so in a hurry to get to the glory of the altars, while conquering the primacy of the first Brazilian religious beatified. Born in a poor area of the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Norte, the sixth daughter of the thirteen by involving Maria Lucia de Oliveira, who married the young farmer Justo João da Fé, who was already widowed with three children. Of this the two big tribes, as well as parents, are the first real and demanding “spiritual directors”. In the remote desert area, which is not always easy to get to the church and have the presence of a priest, is mamma catechism to teach their father and read and comment on them the Bible. Girl is characterized by just a religion just for a while ‘more accentuated, for a greater sensitivity to a particular focus on children and the poor. Nothing more.

Studying, going to collect fruit and vegetables in free moments to help at home and, just graduated in 1979, makes the job in some stores and even the cashier at a gas station. Some cottarella, for all the girls of her age, but nothing serious and significant, because Lindalva still has not decided how to play his life. Meanwhile she started doing volunteer work for the elderly in their run by Vincentian Sisters, because the passion she had as a child for the poor and the sick are not yet extinguished. Dad died in 1982, destroyed by a particularly painful cancer: Lindalva, who left work to assist her father in recent months as the most loving and competent nurse, remained affected by this exemplary death, that left her with ten hundred questions about the meaning of life and the need to use it well. And it is precisely here that she decided to make the choice of her life. In 1986 she began to diligently attend meetings of the Vincentian Vocation, while attending a course by a nurse and learning to play the guitar, as if to say that for her, professional competence must go hand in hand with joy.

A year after entering the Postulancy of the Daughters of Charity, with the intention to be “overflowing with joy and desire to help others” in 1989 she began her novitiate in Recife. In January 1991she start her service in a hospital for the elderly. And ‘happy, full of explosively un’allegria that is good for the heart of the hospital, while her research services with a more humble infinite generosity. “I feel more happy and realized in my work than the pope in Rome,” she said smiling. Only a shadow.: The increasingly explicit attention that reserves the youngest patients, a quarantottenne, which she does with love, but also very firmly. On April 9, 1993, Friday, after the Way of the Cross through the streets of the city, while serving coffee to the elderly guests, she was assaulted behind by the man and massacred with 44 knife wounds. “I did what I had to do because I have never wanted” to tell the police stops. For Sister Lindalva, instead, begin the days of glory, because people recognize in her a martyr The process of canonization began in 2000 to popular acclaim and ending just a year later, crowned by her beatification. But Brazil is already crying at the miracle cure for the inexplicable of a girl entrusted to her intercession, so it is possible that soon the Church to rule officially on the canonization of Sister Lindalva Justo de Oliveira, the humble Daughter of Charity who Christ gave everything, even her life.

The liturgical memorial of the Blessed Lindalva was set by the Congregation on January 7, the day of her baptism instead of April 9, the day of her death.

Author: Gianpiero Pettiti

SOURCE: Santi e Beati


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