Blessed Juan Bautista Ferreres Boluda

blessed-juan-bautista-ferreres-boluda-dec-29Blessed Juan Bautista Ferreres Boluda

Martyr of the Spanish Civil War

Ollería, Spain, Nov 27, 1861 – Picadero de Paterna, Spain, December 29, 1936

Father Juan Bautista Ferreres Boluda in Olleira was born (Valencia) on November 27, 1861 and entered the Society of Jesus in 1888, where he became a priest. He was professor of moral theology and canon law in theological Sarriá. He died in Valencia in “Picadero de Paterna” December 29, 1936 as a result of ill treatment received. He was 75.

Roman Martyrology: In the village of San Miguel de los Reyes in the same territory, Blessed Juan Bautista Ferreres Boluda, a priest of the Society of Jesus and martyr who, in the same persecution, imitating the Passion of Christ, deserved to achieve the palm of glory.

Beatified by John Paul II on March 11, 2001

Source: Santi e Beati

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