Blessed José Maria Zabal Blasco

blessed-jose-maria-zabal-blasco-dec-8Blessed José Maria Zabal Blasco

Valencia, Spain, March 19, 1898 – Picadero de Paterna, Spain, Dec 8, 1936

Roman Martyrology: In the village of Picadero Paterna in Valencia in Spain, blessed Giuseppe Maria Zabala Blasco, martyr, that father during the persecution against the faith won with strength in Christ the torments of martyrdom.

José María Zabala Blasco, the lay faithful, was born in Valencia on March 19 ,1898. At twelve years was orphan of his father and was hired as an apprentice in the study of Pablo Meléndez Ponzalo and then between the management staff in railways. On May 3, 1925 he married Catalina Cerdá Palop, and had three children, who had a Christian education. A man of great faith and piety, José María joined Catholic Action and was a member of a Catholic union, where he was distinguished in defending workers’ rights.

At the outbreak of civil war and fierce religious persecution that crossed Spain, José María Blasco Zabala was captured in the first days of November 1936 and was martyred on December 8, 1936, Sollen Conception of Mary, at Picadero de Paterna, near Valencia.

Pope John Paul II on 11 March 2001 raised to the honors of the altars far 233 victims of that persecution, such as this beautiful figure of secular, worker and father of the family.

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Source: Santi e Beati


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