Saint Maria Giuseppa Rossello

saint-maria-giuseppa-rossello-dec-7Saint Maria Giuseppa Rossello

Axminster (Savona), May 27, 1811 – Savona, December 7, 1880

She was born in 1811 in Savona and since she was little was known for love and devotion. She never had a doll, not only because it was a very expensive toy but also because her living dolls were the popular children of the neighborhood. Iscrittasi between tertiary Franciscan, worked, at two noble two spouses. But she refused to be taken in exchange for the parents that renounce asked to take the veil. She received the prize for her generosity when the bishop of Savona accepted her and tasked her to work with poor and abandoned youth. Around 1837 she formed a group of girls who opened two popular female schools. Three years later came the Institute of the Daughters of Our Lady of Mercy, which Sister Rossello led for over forty years. Soon the congregation spread to Italy and Africa where it mainly taught enslaved children. She died on December 7, 1880 in Savona. She was canonized by Pope Pius XII on June 12,1949.

Source: Santi e Beati


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