Blessed Heliodoro Ramos García

blessed-heliodoro-ramos-garcia-dec-6Blessed Heliodoro Ramos García

Monleras, Spain, Oct 29, 1915 – Madrid, Spain, December 6, 1936

He was born in Monleras (Salamanca) October 29, 1915 and was baptized two days later. He had a Christian education, aspired to religious life and was admitted to the Novitiate of Mohernando (Guadalajara), which issued the ratings on July 23, 1936 as a secular religion.

That same day the house was attacked and occupied by the Communists and the community was imprisoned or dispersed. On August 1, he was locked up with Director Don Miguel Lasaga and five other young professed in prison in Guadalajara, where he prepared for death, and with them went to the shooting on the evening of December 6 1936.

He was beatified October 28, 2007 as part of a group that included 98 Augustinian Martyrs of the Spanish Civil War and 400 others.

Source: Santi e Beati, Augustinians of the Midwest.


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