Blessed Luis Campos Górriz


Blessed Luis Campos Górriz

Valencia, Spain, June 30, 1905 – Picadero de Paterna, Spain, November 28, 1936

Roman Martyrology: In the village of Picadero de Paterna in Valencia in Spain ever, blessed Luigi Górriz Campos, martyr, in that same religious persecution, tirelessly dedicated to a life of works and charity and crowned with a glorious death.

Luis Campos Gorriz was born in Valencia on June 30 1905. At seven he became a student of San José of the Jesuit fathers in his hometown. In 1921 he enrolled in Philosophy, Literature and Law. At the University of Valencia undertook in an apostolic life in the Marian congregations and student groups. He graduated in 1926 and in 1930 began his career as a lawyer.

On May 25, 1933 he married Carmen rteche Echeturía and in July, 1935 their first daughter was born. Also in that year he moved to Madrid as secretary general of the Association of Catholic propagandists. He was widowed in 1936 and then moved with his family from Valencia to Torrente because of the dangerous climate of the city following the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War.

On November 28, 1936 he was murdered by the rosary in his hand at Picadero de Paterna. The militia determined that he had done work for the Catholics and was among the organizers of the Catholic Congress in Madrid.

On his beatification, March 11, 2001 with Pope John Paul II, Luis Campos Gorriz was included with the group of Jesuit martyrs, as their former pupil.


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