I Am Agnostic

Q. I’m an agnostic. I believe, if there is a God, how could he have produced the world and the mess we are all in now?

A. Where could the whole of Creation have come from if not from an intelligent First Cause-Creator?

First take man out of the equation and I think you will agree with me that the world is stunningly beautiful. Snow capped mountains, rugged coastlines washed by crashing waves, tropical islands, all the varied beauty of plants and animals, desert canyons carved by rivers, Grand and otherwise, redwood forests, alpine lakes, mountain meadows in flower, sunsets and sunrises, full moons rising slowly over the mountains –all of these bespeak majestic beauty to me. They are echos of the beauty that resides in and proceeds from the heart of the Creator.

The mess we see all around us is the direct result of people doing what they want to do…doing what they think is good. Our Creator gave us instructions on how to live life to its fullest and happiest. But we do not believe Him and we do it our way. Then we look around at the mess we have made and blame God. He says to us, “Repent and sin no more and come and be enfolded in My loving Arms. And I will give you peace.” Our Creator knows we have not listened to Him. He knows we ignored His instructions but He is just waiting for us to come to Him so He can helps us get our lives back on track. So He can give us Joy and our Joy would be full.

Our Creator is much more gracious than a car manufacturer. Can you imagine going to the dealer and trying to get them to fix a car that you never added or changed the oil, used water instead of gasoline, did not keep the tires full of air. When asked why you did not follow the manufacturer’s instructions in the little book you said , “I didn’t like those instructions, they were too cumbersome and cramped my style. But you need to fix this car because is doesn’t work anymore and it is all your fault because you made it!” How will that car dealer respond?

Q. The Supreme Being could care less about our existence and how we handle things.

A. Then why did He allow Himself to be a helpless embryo, baby, child and human person who was crucified by His own children? He died a painful and torturous death to offer us eternal life in Heaven and save us from Hell. Why put Himself through all of that if He doesn’t care about us?
Q. If we are lost, then its are own fault. Too bad for our souls, if we indeed have one.

A. Yes, this is absolutely true. But He anxiously awaits our turning to Him. It is never too late. We can never do anything so bad that He won’t welcome us to His Love if only we will come…

Please say this simple prayer, “In the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit give me the gift of faith. Amen”

The Bishop at the Athiests deathbed–>Here


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