Blessed Maria Anna Sala


Blessed Maria Anna Sala

Brivio, April 21, 1829 – Milan, November 24, 1891

The Institute of the Marcelline Sisters was founded in Vimercate in 1838 by the Servant of God Luigi Biraghi (1801-1879), a man of wide culture and deep piety, professor and spiritual director in the major seminary of Milan, Doctor dell’Ambrosiana. It was built with the aim of forming a cultured woman adequate theological knowledge, so that it could bring the firmness of faith in society at the time, which was cultured and industrious, but troubled by dangerous new ideologies.

The Institute was named for Saint Marcellina, educator of the holy brothers Ambrogio and Satyr and the clarity and new methods, the firmness of the virtues of the first nuns, it bloomed so exceptionally.
Anna Maria Sala, who was born April 21 1829 at Brivio (Lecco) joined this institute after she had worked towards the eleven years of study at a college in the nascent Vimercate Institution ‘Marcellino’ and carried on her education Mother and spiritual Videmari faithful collaborator of the founder.

In 1846 she obtained the license of first instance, returning to her family, profuse where her goodness was a consolation during her mother’s illness and the financial ruin of her father, while working in the apostolate among children, the suffering and needy of the parish.

And when she heard God’s call to a life devoted and dedicated to the school, as she said, chose the ‘Marcellino’, turning to be accepted as a postulant in 1848, at the same founding father Biraghi.
Her character was perfectly adapted to the rule of life that required a mixture of intense inner life and a strong educational and apostolic work among students, in 1852 pronounced her vows, in what was the first public profession of Marcellino.

She was a teacher of primary school and music in the College of Leigh on Sea and then in the Houses of Milan and Genoa. She had the merit of being called the “Living Rule” and among students “the Mother of Souls.”

Another stage of her life was the light in 1859 to help wounded war of Independence, the hospital of S. Military Luca, after nine years of education she was transferred to Genoa to Milan to teach courses in excess of the Mother and assistant Videmari.

She was physically tormented by a painful neck cancer which did not slow her intense activity, leading to her death on November 24, 1891 between the late of all and surrounded by fame of holiness.

The cardinal archbishop of Milan, blessed Schuster, in 1931 opened the program on her virtues, the apostolic process took place from 1962 to 1964.

She was beatified by Pope John Paul II on October 26, 1980.

SOURCE: Santi e Beati

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