How Can a Good God Allow Deformed Children

God is certainly good. He gave humanity free will and they abused their freedom by disobedience to the Law of God. This caused the fall of man and nature. From this disharmony, evil (absence of good) was introduced. Evil is permitted, because without evil being a real possibility people would not have real freedom. Childhood deformity, diseases, and all kinds of disabilities are a result of the disharmony of nature caused by Man’s fall. But, God knows that He can draw greater good from all kinds of suffering in the end.

In His wisdom God may permit a child to be born deformed who with health and strength would fling itself into the pleasures of sin and end up in eternal loss. Would it not be a mercy for some, apparently sane people, to have been born with great defects in order to save them from Hell? People, whether mentally or bodily deformed, do not spend the whole of their lives in misery and suffering. They too can experience joy and love, laughter and compassion. Likewise, we must remember that our souls are eternal, and all will be rectified either in this life or the next.

Again, an intellectually or psychologically damaged child/adult cannot sin, and so what appears to us as a life not worth living will, after a mere 80 years or so, yield to the joy of eternal happiness in Heaven. These days we have convinced ourselves that the merciful thing to do is to snuff out the lives of helpless human beings through abortion/euthanasia. But, in the process we can send ourselves to Hell by committing this grave sin.

We might say, “If God be good, why did He allow His Son to go through excruciating torture?” Sin is the real evil, not suffering. Earthly suffering will only last as long as this life. But, SIN is capable of landing a person in Hell where suffering will be longer than an earthly life. The suffering of Hell will last eternally.

The miseries of this world have driven thousands into the loving arms of God. So, if only for this reason we can discern an indication of God’s goodness in allowing suffering in order to give eternal life in Heaven with Him.

A baby born without eyes grows up. Click HERE

A child born without the ability to walk is overjoyed when carried on Dad’s shoulders in a local race. So Dad begins to enter races carrying his son. Then he moves on to Triatholons. See video HERE. See story HERE


2 Responses to How Can a Good God Allow Deformed Children

  1. happy says:

    What wonderful stories! Thanks for sharing.
    I am the mother of a deaf daughter and many years ago heard those type of things told to me about my daughter… she will never talk, never be in regular school, never have a normal life. God has bigger plans for these children! She is grown. Went all through school mainstreamed. Is working two jobs and going to school full time! Many people say ” oh, if you had not told me I would not have known she is deaf!” She has beautiful speech. Many say a miracle!
    I hope people see that and realize that we have a Master Physician which we can place all of our trust in!
    Oh, and those dads! What love!
    Ok, I am going to get a tissue!

  2. Cris says:

    Wow, what sheer stupidity there is here. And we’re not talking about just any deformities, there are really gross deformities out there, and other than that : this is what sickens me, you clearly have no idea what kind of tortures are out there. There are some really really really sick tortures happening out there, ones that cannot be justified with God allowing. You guys have to wake up

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