Blessed Eliseo Garcia y Garcia


El Manzano, Spain, Aug 25, 1907 – Garraf, Spain, November 19, 1936

He was born in El Manzano (Salamanca) on August 25 1907. Went to Campello (Alicante), where during the period of persecution in the Republic he had to endure many hardships for his relationship with the religious, although this was his profession as Salesian coadjutor. In Gerona in 1932, and remained there for some time before moving to Sant Vicent dels Horts (Barcelona). When the war broke out, he did not want to abandon the children who lived there until he was expelled. A few days after he returned to Sant Vicent to visit Mr. Planas, the militiamen, who were pawns, stopped him.

SOURCE: Santi e Beati


3 Responses to Blessed Eliseo Garcia y Garcia

  1. happy says:

    Thank you, Nan for your posts.
    I enjoy a history lesson everyday. So interesting!
    Bless you for your time and dedication to this! :)

  2. Nan says:

    I’m glad you enjoy the posts but A Simple Sinner is the one you should thank. All his idea, I just post them.

  3. happy says:

    Thanks to both of you…. and yes, a Simple Sinner.. I’m thinking Al Pacino
    Many Blessings!

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