Blessed Carolina Kozka

blessed-carolina-kozka-nov-18 Blessed Karolina Kozka

August 2, 1898, Wal-Ruda – November 18, 1914, Wal-Ruda forest

She was born on August 2, 1898 at Wal-Ruda (Tarnów, Poland), in a poor peasant family. As a young woman was accompanied by her spiritual father, Ladislao Mendrala, who inserted religion in the life of the parish of the village. She was a catechist for her brothers and children of neighboring houses. She was also dedicated to helping elderly and sick. In May 1914 she received confirmation and six months later, on November 18, 1914, during the First World War, in the area that saw eastern Prussia invade Russia and Poland with a rather mixed result, Carolina was attacked by a Russian soldier and dragged into the forest of Wal-Ruda by force. The young are opposed to sexual violence and for this she was killed: she was 16. Her body was found just sixteen days later, on December 4 and buried in the cemetery of the parish. Her martyrdom caused much sensation among the inhabitants of the region and on June 18 ,1916, near the Church of Zabaware, a monument in her memory was blessed. At the location of the crime in the woods, a cross was placed. She was beatified by Pope John Paul II on June 10 1987, in Tarnów in Poland.

SOURCE: Santi e Beati


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