VOTE FOR PETERS 2008! Get The Man A Scholarship!

One of out favorite bloggers here at The Black Cordelias is Thomas Peters of American Papist fame. He is in the running for a$10 scholarship and is, as of this writing, in second place.

I’m in serious running to receive a $10,000 scholarship for blogging as a student. Voting for me here (“Thomas Peters”) only takes a few seconds, and I would deeply appreciate you spreading the word amongst your friends, facebook, readers, email lists, etc.

If this cause goes viral among the Catholic online community, I could have real shot at winning, which would mean more time blogging as opposed to, well, trying to pay the electric bill. Reading in the dark is no fun. Think of it as a little good deed for today. Thank you!

I have no friends in the Chicago political machine, so the best I can do is ask our humble readership to cast a vote (it takes 2 seconds, one need not register!) for the kid.


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