Saint Margaret of Scotland


Saint Margaret of Scotland

Hungary, about 1046 – Edinburgh, Scotland, November 16,1093

Daughter of Edward, the English king in exile to escape all’usurpatore Canuto, Margaret was born in Hungary around 1046. Her mother, Agatha, was descended from the holy Hungarian king Stephen. When she was nine years her father returned to the throne, but soon had to flee again, this time to Scotland. And here 24 years Margaret was the wife of King Malcolm III, who had six sons and two daughters. The Roman Missal describes her as a “model mother and queen for goodness and wisdom.” It is said that the king did not know to read and had a great respect for his educated wife and kissed the books of prayer that he saw her read with devotion. Charitable toward the poor, orphans, the sick, she assisted them personally and invited Malcolm III to do the same. Already gravely ill when she received the news of the deaths of her husband and eldest son in the battle of Alnwick: she was said to offer this suffering as repair of their sins.

The Saint for today was in fact Queen of Scots, and Queen fortunate enough, made this unusual, because other crowned, it almost always sanctified through disgrace, humiliation and unhappiness.There are many real Margarets whose blood is entered on the Christian calendar: Margaret daughter of the King of Lorraine, Benedictine of the XIII century, Margaret daughter of the King of Hungary, Dominican of the same century; Margherita daughter of the King of Bavaria, widow of the fourteenth century, Margherita Lorena, bred daughter of the King as Renato d’Anjou, to which could be added Margherita of the Dukes of Savoy and Margaret of Auditors Colonna.That we remember today was born in 1046, niece of Edmond II, Iron Hips and the daughter of Edward, refugee in a foreign land to escape from Canute, usurper of the throne of England.

Her mother, Agatha, sister of Queen of Hungary, descended from King St. Stephen. When the usurper Canute died, Edward was able to return to England, where Margaret had failed to 9 years, but after some time, the royal family had to flee again, in Scotland, where King Malcolm III asked for the hand of Margaret, that twenty-four year old, so she sat with him on the throne of Scotland. She does not insuperbì for this. It kept discreet, respectful and modest. And charitable toward the poor, orphans, the sick, assist and did attend the King. For Scotland not never ran better in years past than under the truly Christian government of Malcolm III and Margaret, who, popular with her subjects, loved by her husband and revered by their children, devoted her entire life to the good of her soul and the welfare of others.

Not having their pain, she tried to alleviate the pain of others; failing misfortunes or dynastic families, she tried to help other unfortunates, not knowing nor misery nor mortifications, she tried to console the poor and humiliated. She welcomed with joyful heart the only bad news, which came on her deathbed. Her husband and oldest child were killed in fighting an expedition against the Red Guglielmo said. Who, cautiously, tried to mitigate the cruelty of the news, Margaret did understand it already had. And thanked God for the pain that would have served to shake, in recent hours, the sins of a lifetime.
This does not mean disaffection and insensitivity toward her husband and sons death. She hoped, but rather was certain, to meet with them, after that painful step beyond the door of death, in light of Redemption.

Source: Parish Archive

SOURCE: Santi e Beati


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