Blessed Juan Gonga Martinez

blessed-juan-gonga-martinez-nov-13Blessed Juan Gonga Martinez

Martyr of the Spanish Civil War

Carcaixent, SPaint, March 25, 1912-Simat de Valldigna, Spain, November 13, 1936

Roman Martyrology: In the village of Simat de Valldigna the territory of Valencia in Spain, blessed John Gonga Martínez, martyr, who spilled the blood of Christ during the persecution against the faith.

Gonga Juan Martinez, the lay faithful of the Archdiocese of Valencia, was born March 25, 1912 in Carcaixent in Spain. He was baptized on March 28, 1912 and confirmed on October 13, 1926, in the parish church of the Assumption of Our Lady of his birthplace. After his first communion, May 25 1922, he began an ‘intense apostolic life.

Aspiring to the priesthood, a long illness left him with poor health, hindering the achievement of his goal. He then joined Catholic Action, and was very active. He was a very affective Catechist and managed to get some conversions. Famous in his city for promoting works of charity, he was already nicknamed “the holy” during his life. He became an accountant and found work as an employee in an office.

At the outbreak of civil war and fierce religious persecution that crossed Spain, he was jailed on July 25, 1936 at Mass, but was later released and fled to another city. Having nostalgia for his family he returned to Carcaixent, where he was immediately imprisoned and killed on November 13, 1936 at Simat of Valldigna. Before expiring, with a cross in the hands lose his executioners.

On March 11, 2001, Pope John Paul II, raised to the honors of the altars 233 victims of the persecution, including the Blessed Juan Martinez Gonga, who is celebrated on the anniversary of his martyrdom.

SOURCE: Santi e Beati


One Response to Blessed Juan Gonga Martinez

  1. John says:

    Catholics now-a-days are suffering terrible persecution in China, Vietnam, North Korea, The Chaldean Catholics of Iraq together with other rites and Christian denominations, the Catholics in Pakistan in fact we are witnessing a similar persecution of the Church as never before, here in the west Christians too suffer persecution by ways of ridicule, hostility, frredom of conscience and injustice may the Spanish martyrs pray for us and especially for the conversion of apostate Spain and the rest of Europe. There are two choices, either we fill the vacuum or Islamicists willl do it for
    us God bless and blessed Easter. :)

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