Rosaries For Obama! Calling All Catholics

From Taylor Marshall at the always illuminating Canterbury Tales:

What if we joined together anonymously to pray for Barack Obama without judging or condemning him? What if together we prayed one hundred thousand Rosaries for the spiritual benefit of Barack Obama? Would not innumerable graces be poured out upon for our nation and our elected leader?

In order to encourage others Rosaries for Obama! is keeping an anonymous tally of the number of Rosaries prayed for Barack Obama. Keep in mind that this is not a venue for judgment, but a place to earnestly ask God to bless our President-Elect.

Please join us in prayer and please email this to your friends or blog about it if you are able.

Let’s get on our knees and ask Our Lord and Lady to make our nation a place where the dignity of every human life is respected and honored.

Please visit Rosaries for Obama! and share it with others.


One Response to Rosaries For Obama! Calling All Catholics

  1. happy says:

    What a great idea! We often turn to prayer as a last resort. Why not lay all of this at HIS feet. If all of the complaining I have heard in the last week (in my day to day life) were turned into prayer I can’t imagine what the result might be! I emailed it to my entire list!

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