Subscribe To Your Favorite Blogs’ Feeds – Including The Black Cordelias!

ticker-tape-machine.jpgA lot of folks may be unaware of the fact that if they read several blogs on a regular basis, there are many, many options for using what are called aggregators (or “feed readers”) to keep up with the latest posts at each of their favorite blogs.

Some that are out there include:

My Catholic Homepage Add to Google Subscribe in NewsGator Online Add to netvibes Add to My AOL Subscribe in Bloglines Add to flurry Add to Plusmo Add to netomat Hub Add CVSTOS FIDEI to Newsburst from CNET Subscribe in NewsAlloy Add to Excite MIX Add to Webwag Add to Attensa Receive IM, Email or Mobile alerts when new content is published on this site. Add to The Free Dictionary

I myself am a Google Reader™ man. I chose it for the simple sake that when we were with Blogger™, it was relatively easy to use that service as I already had a Google account through Blogger. Anyone who uses Gmail™ will also have an account. I don’t have any special attachment otherwise – in fact their may be aggregators among those listed above which have superior functions, I simply have not investigated others at this time.The convenience of an aggregator is really in its simplicity. Like an old time newspaper wire service, as entries are submitted to your favorite blogs, they are fed into your aggregator and simply show up at one location when you are ready to see what is new in the blogs that you have subscribed to. For Google Reader™all you need to do is copy and paste the address of your favorite blogs and enter it into the “Subscribe to new blog” field of Google Reader™ and voilayou are subscribed. This is equally useful, I have found, in tracking blogs that have especially frequent, or especially infrequent updates.What aggregators do our readers like to use? I note that we have about 30 who subscribe to us via Google Reader™… What else are you using? What do you reccomend?

2 Responses to Subscribe To Your Favorite Blogs’ Feeds – Including The Black Cordelias!

  1. […] gems of the blogosphere that deserves far more attention and citation than it currently gets.  Do add it to your aggregator – you won’t regret […]

  2. Adrienne says:

    I so need to do that but cranking away on NaNoWriMo (which is what I’m supposed to be doing right now) leaves little time. I visit way over 100 blogs now and the time to copy and paste seems HUGE! I guess if I just did 10 or so a day it wouldn’t be so bad.

    Still have Toledo questions for you – maybe next week. Give doggies big hugs from Auntie A

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