November 4: Blessed Francesca D’Amboise

Blessed Francesca D’Amboise

1427-November 4, 1485

She was born in 1427, probably in Thouars (France). She spent Fifteen years married to Peter II, Duke of Brittany, and was crowned alongside of him in the Cathedral of Rennes in 1450. She remained a widow in 1457, did not want the second marriage, and was geared towards even religious life. For this purpose she built a Carmelite house for women in 1463, under the advice of Blessed John Soreth, Prior General of the Carmelites. But her entry into the monastery was delayed until 1468. In 1477 she went to the monastery of Nantes, also its founder. Documents show us she held the office of prioress and had strong character, with maternal understanding and psychological sense. You keep a copy of the wise exhortations with which she maintained the spirit of her religion. She introduced the idea of taking Communion frequently (daily for the sick) and the fourth vow of enclosure close. She died Nov. 4 1485. Her testimony was the words, sometimes spoken in life: “All the things you do that God is always the most beloved!” Her liturgical worship was approved in 1863 by Pope Pius IX, in the attack of Brittany prize to the Catholic Church and their duchess. She is regarded as the founder of the Carmelite nuns of France.

She was beatified by Pope Pius IX in 1866.

Author: Anthony Cilia (santiebeati)

Translator: Google


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