Just Got Back From the Deep In History Conference…

To all of the terrific folks Father J and I met at the Deep In History Conference this weekend, thank you for sharing meals, stories, laughs and making the weekend so unforgettable. New friends were indeed made.

And (if anyone was wondering) Marcus Grodi is much taller in person than you would expect. 

Incidentally, Dave Armstrong smiles a whole lot, so don’t be fooled by the tough looking photo to be found over at his blog, Biblical Evidence For Catholicism!

If you missed it this year, we certainly hope to see you next. You can discover fun facts about some of your favorite Catholic writers and speakers yourself.  Chances are, some of them will be there, and if you are lucky, you will get to eat lunch with them as well! (Rumor has it that bloggers from The Black Cordelias always had room at their table… go figure!)

See you next year at the conference!


One Response to Just Got Back From the Deep In History Conference…

  1. Jaybird68 says:

    How exciting!!! I too can attest Marcus is tall. I saw him last year at the March for Life in DC. Will definitely try to make the conference next year! And sit at the head table with the Black Cordelias!

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