Global Warming & the Copenhagen Consensus

Global Warming & The Copenhagen Consensus

For a 16 minute explanation of why it makes more sense to spend our money on world problems other than global warming see HERE.


3 Responses to Global Warming & the Copenhagen Consensus

  1. Joel says:

    There are three main factors which contribute to global warming: the elliptical eccentricity of Earth’s orbit around the sun; the Earth’s wobble on its axis; and the westward procession of the Earth’s closest point to the sun. These factors control the amount of the sun’s radiation striking the Earth each year and create peaks every 100,000 years, 41,000 years and 23,000 years respectively. “Deep-sea-core analysis has proved that changes in the Earth’s orbital goemetry are the fundamental cause of variation in the Earth’s climate…” (A Biography of the Continent Africa, 1997).

  2. El calentamiento global y el Consenso de Copenhague…

    ¿Por qué debemos gastarnos el dinero en cosas distintas del Calentamiento Global? La respuesta en este vídeo que encontré en el blog católico…

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