DhimmiWatch: “We Need Slaves To Build Monuments”

5 bob to DhimmiWatch which writes: “We Need Slaves To Build Monuments”

“We need slaves to build monuments”

Immigrant workers treated in slave-like conditions in Dubai. And why not? With attitudes like this to be found on the Arabian peninsula, this is hardly surprising. “In the shadows of splendour,” by Ghaith Abdul-Ahad in WAToday, October 13 (thanks to JE):

[…] All of these men are part of a huge scam that is helping the construction boom in the Gulf. Like hundreds of thousands of migrant workers, they each paid more than 1000 ($A2559) to employment agents in India and Pakistan. They were promised double the wages they are actually getting, plus plane tickets to visit their families once a year, but none of the men in the room had actually read their contract. Only two of them knew how to read.”They lied to us,” a worker with a long beard says. “They told us lies to bring us here. Some of us sold their land; others took big loans to come and work here.”

Once they arrive in the United Arab Emirates, migrant workers are treated little better than cattle, with no access to health care and many other basic rights. The company that sponsors them holds on to their passports… (READ ALL)

I am well aware of the fact that among the migrant workers to Dubai, more than a few are Catholic ex-patriots from places like the Phillipines. Pray that they can remain strong in their faith, and that those who are trapped in such servitude will be delivered from it back to their homes and families.


2 Responses to DhimmiWatch: “We Need Slaves To Build Monuments”

  1. Joel says:

    This is not at all surprizing. In fact, Saudi Arabia legally protected slavery until 1962! well within the life time of many in power today. It may seem unrelated, but the mindset has not political border. The nations are neighbors and they share a language and religious ideology. I am sure slavery as a reasonable institution is heavily ensconced in the mindset of all in the region.

  2. Claudia says:

    Terrible. But then, they are infidels…
    The sad thing is that this is not going to reach any great MSM…

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