Those Poor Clares! (Well, Not Really…)

NOTE: The Franciscan sisters involved with this novel approach to tax evasion should NOT be confused with the Poor Clares of the Archdiocese!

The Not so Poor “Poor Clares” at Loyola Chicago

“For a church organization to hide behind this tax scam, a tax scam for millionaires, you are denying needed revenue to schools, hospitals and public transportation,” Novak told the I-Team when we first reported the story, “Building Resentment” in January.

Like Euro-nobles whose bank accounts are empty, but whose wine cellars still have a few cases left…

Once again the patrimony of the Church – bought and paid for with the contributions of poor, working class Americans who sacrificed mightily to buy property and build beautiful buildings – is being co-opted to fund the now-dying communities that own them.



2 Responses to Those Poor Clares! (Well, Not Really…)

  1. Joseph Fromm says:

    It seems like the original charism has been lost, I am not sure a high rise condo development is what St. Francis of Assisi and St. Clare had in mind.

  2. Richard says:

    The sisters involved are the Franciscan Sisters of Chicago. The Poor Clare Nuns at the Monastery in the Archdiocese of Chicago live their life as authentic daughters of St. Clare and follow her rule faithfully. Their life of poverty is exemplary.

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