Which One Is Which?

The always refreshing blog Roman Catholic Vocations has the following photo in a more recent post about three sisters who all became Carmelites:

It is noted in the text of the story: “Sr. Anne resides at the Carmelite monastery on Carmel Drive, Sister Miriam at the monastery in Covington and Sister Vilma, in Rhode Island.”

I wonder which two live in monasteries and which one lives “in Rhode Island”?

Any guesses?

The future of Carmel seems bright in many places in America.  I rather suspect Rhode Island is not the most luminary.


One Response to Which One Is Which?

  1. Doug Grant says:

    Your ignorance and lack of charity are disheartening. While gathering photos to be used in preparation for the funeral of the Carmelite from Rhode Island, I came across your comments.

    They remind me of the comments passed centuries ago about a certain Carmelite from Avila. Those uber-Catholics are long ago forgotten, not the Carmelite.

    My grief for this daughter of Carmel makes me wish that my hands could find my way to your neck. She would demand better of me than such an ignorant attack upon you. Lucky you.

    Take the time to find out her name. Read her books. Say more prayers than write blogs. Ask her forgiveness. Go to confession. Pride kills. Start again anew.

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