October 6: Blessed Marie-Rose Durocher

Blessed Marie-Rose Durocher
1811 – 1849

Eulalie Durocher was born in 1811 in Quebec, Canada. She was the tenth of eleven children. Eulalie’s mother died when she was eighteen. Her brother, the pastor of a parish in Beloeil, invited his younger sister to his parish. She became a lay apostle. She took charge of the household duties for her brother, the priest. She also started the first parish sodality in Canada. The thirteen years she was involved in the life of the Church and the parish were preparing her for a special work for God.

In 1843, when Eulalie was thirty-two, the bishop of Montreal asked her to begin a very special mission. Eulalie started a new religious order of women called the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary. Their particular work for Jesus would be to educate the poorest and most neglected children. Eulalie became Mother Marie Rose. Others followed this generous woman. They, too, believed in the importance of educating children for the love of Jesus.

Mother Marie Rose lived only six years after her congregation began. However, she helped her sisters from heaven because the community continued to grow and open new convents. They started a mission in America, too. They went to Oregon in 1859. Today the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary are spread throughout the world.
Mother Marie Rose Durocher was declared “blessed” by Pope John Paul II on May 23, 1982.

We can thank Blessed Marie Rose for the sacrifices she made to educate children. When we are tempted to “take it easy” at school, we can ask her to give us the will power to try our very best.

SOURCE: http://www.tntt.org/vni/tlieu/saints/St1006.htm


5 Responses to October 6: Blessed Marie-Rose Durocher

  1. Justine Dantzer says:

    I am interested in hearing any updates regarding
    Blessed Marie-Rose’s ability to stop fires- the information that I have is many years old. Do you have any new information or could you help me find it? Thank you!

    • flo gonzalez says:


      Are you related to Mother Marie Rose. I am I have never heard of this ability to stop fire. Can you please tell me more.

      Thank you

  2. ree says:

    We, those of us who went to Holy Names High in Oakland were always told of her abilty to deter fires- including one case where the KKK attempted to burn down the Oregon School in the 1920’s. When the Oakland hills caught fire the Holy Names campus survived intact despite many of the houses around it being burned to the ground. As far as I know the miracles attributed to her have all been fires. Looking her up for some information for a friend I am really surprised not to see more relating to it.

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