October 3: Blessed Crescenzio García Pobo

Blessed Crescenzio García Pobo
1903 – 1936


One Response to October 3: Blessed Crescenzio García Pobo

  1. Nan says:

    From French Wikipedia and googlematic translations:

    Upon the death of his father, Crescenzio García became Pobo internal college Saint-Nicolas de Bari, in Teruel, led by the tertiary Capuchins. There he heard the call to internal religious life. He professed his vows on 15 September 1921, the Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows, among tertiary Capuchin called amigoniens “, named after their founder, Louis Amigo, who gave him the priesthood in 1928 in Valencia.

    His priestly ministry was exercised in the service of youth in difficulty, in houses of correction.

    In 1936, in early July, Crescenzio returned to Madrid, where he was surprised by the civil war. The pension of Ms. Pilar Torres offered him a refuge, as so-called medical student. On 2 August, the police operational controls. Having no papers, he was arrested on the spot, and imprisoned in Ventas. On 13 August, an order of the state secret police ordered that some prisoners were delivered to its officers. Crescenzio father was on the list, were all murdered.

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