October 1: Blessed Alvaro Sanjuan Canet

Blessed Alvaro Sanjuan Canet
1908 – 1936


One Response to October 1: Blessed Alvaro Sanjuan Canet

  1. Nan says:

    From the Archdiocese of Valencia and googlematic translations:

    Alvaro Sanjuan Canet * Alcocer Plans (Alicante) 26.4.1908. Acabada la Teología en Turín, cantó Misa en el Tibidabo en 1934. After the Theology in Turin, sang Mass in the Tibidabo in 1934. Then, head of studies at the Salesians of Alcoy: “Yes, we know that it is an excellent person, but he will die. Do not kill your brother-in-law, but the cassock. ” † Villena, 2.10.1936.

    From Santiebeati:

    Alvaro Sanjuan was born in Canet de Alcocer Planes, close to Alicante in Spain, April 26 1908, to a deeply Christian family. At just eleven years of age, he entered the seminary of Campello, again near Alicante. The boy had a docile character, cheerful and expansive, he was always very appreciated by all, comrades and superiors alike. He completed his theological studies in Turin, a city cradle of the Salesian Family, and finally received the ordination to the priesthood in 1934 at Sarrioi, near Barcelona. Not long afterwards he returned to Alicante.

    At the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War Don Alvaro had to flee and take refuge in Cocentaina, a guest of his parents. After two months, was blocked and relegated to prison in Alicante. LHis family made numerous attempts to obtain his release, always getting the same answer: “Do not kill your brother, but the look.” The night between 1 and 2 October 1936 he was released with another companion and led to Villena, in the vicinity of which he was killed on the roadside.

    Alvaro Sanjuan Canet thus part of the group of 95 well Salesians Spanish martyrs, victims during the civil war. He was beatified with 31 of them by Pope John Paul II on 11 March 2001 and today is commemorated individually by Martyrologium Romanum.

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